Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Bake - Twit Knit Club Silver Clay Weekend - Orange Polenta Cake

I have mentioned Twit Knit Club before - my fabulous group of online twitter buddies who share so many of the same interests as me.  Well this weekend we had a mini meet up.  Back in November I received a very exciting DM on twitter from @silverpebble2 inviting twitknitters to attend a Silver Clay workshop at @jennyjhoward's house (a fellow twitknitter) in April.  I had already met @mhairigirl back in October and @goldenblades91 briefly while delivering Milky (see the Twit Knit Club link). But the others were just friends in my phone.  I jumped at the chance to meet the others and learn a new craft so I secured my place.

It seemed an age away and then suddenly the weekend was here.

@mhairigirl, @faithyb33 and I arrived on the Friday and stayed in a hotel.  @addiebabe arrived on the Saturday morning and was also staying in the hotel that night.  @goldenblades91 would be travelling there and back on the Saturday. @jennyjhoward's best friend @barbaragallan would also be there, including @silverpebble2 there would be 8 of us. 

On the Saturday morning we arrived at @jennyjhoward's house - and here is the best bit - it was like we had known each other for a long time - much hugging, laughing, chatting and yes....shrieking took place.  I have been chatting online to these people for nearly 2 years but I had never met the majority of them.   @jennyjhoward made the good point that the internet can be a very very good thing but it can also be a very very bad thing and horrible things can happen online.  To some people going to someones house in the middle of the country with a group of strangers is just something they wouldn't do and yes we all have to think about online safety but as the others had also met other members of the group I was very comfortable meeting these people.  As @mhairigirl said - if one of these people is a nutter then they have kept up the knitting/crafting pretence for a long time!

At 11am it was time for the workshop - we each had our own work area with tools provided.  And then down the middle of the table was sooooo much crafty treasure: lots of cutters, moulds, buttons and various things to make different patterns in the clay.

@silverpebble2 gave us a demonstration, we doodled some ideas and then we were let loose with our clay! 

One we had made our pieces, our tiles were placed in the oven to bake.

The pieces turned from grey to white.  

You then smooth the edges with a wet wipe.  

Then they are placed on the gauze on the hob - a brief flame (so exciting!) and plopped into a bowl of water to cool down (the noise was like a little fairy sneeze!) 

Then the most exciting part - brushing the pieces with a wire brush - as if by magic they turn silver.  You can then polish them to different shines. During the workshop there was much ooohing and aaahing!

@jennyjhoward had provided a gorgeous lunch which we ate in the garden half way through the workshop - the sun shone all day.   There may have been some fizz consumed.....   Those of us travelling had provided cakes. 

Oh the cakes and treats that everyone brought.....gorgeous scones, blondies, chocolate cookies, tablet, top hats, flapjack, marmalade cake, lemon polenta biscuits and chewy chocolate biscuits, you can never have too much cake!

I made an orange polenta cake - it's gluten free.  You can find the recipe here.  I also made my trusty gluten free brownies.

If you are able to go to a @silverpebble2 workshop I highly recommend it.  She makes it looks so easy and is a very calm and helpful teacher.  I felt really inspired by the whole experience.    We all made lovely pieces. @silverpebble2 gives you the choice of having them fixed to the necklace provided or have them so you can put them on different chains. I went with individual fixings. I am so pleased with my little charms, for a first attempt. I am wearing my necklace now and my heart charm is on my bracelet. This is something I could do at home and I'm going to have great fun searching on the internet for the various bits and pieces needed.

On the Saturday night the four of us staying in the hotel went out for chinese and then ended the day by having drinks in @addiebabe's room - where more chatting took place! 

It was very kind of @jennyjhoward to host the workshop in her home - her and her husband also ferried us all to and from the stations/hotel - a big thank you to them. 

A fabulous weekend with fabulous people :o)


This weekends top three ipod songs:

1. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
2. This Is The Life - Amy McDonald
3. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah & The Whale

I nearly forgot - @faithyb33 spotted that @silverpebble2 had brought along her beautiful Attic24 bag.  Again there was much ooohing and aaahing!  Such lovely colours - just like the Attic24 blog.


  1. So lovely - wish I could have been there too!

  2. that looked soooo much fun, and the end results look amazing, great keepsakes and memories :) am so jealous i would have loved to have gone and i would really love to meet up with other twitknitters - in fact i think i am the only twitknitter that hasnt met anyone, which makes me sad :(

    1. Thanks - it was a lot of fun. Don't be sad, hopefully we will have another meet up that you can come to - if not me and you can have a minimeetup in London sometime :o)

  3. The silver clay looks so interesting...although, your vanilla buttercream (my absolute favourite!) cake looks might interesting too! :o)

    1. Thank you :-) So exciting you can comment now!!

  4. P.S. I now have a Google account so can comment on your website! :o)

  5. HURRAY!!!! Isn't Scarlett wonderful for having brought us together?