Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday Makes - Twit Knit Club the story so far.....

I joined twitter to follow people, tweeted a few times, then discovered #twitknitclub and my love/addiction of twitter started :o)

Twitknitclub is a fabulous group of people on Twitter who were brought together by @scarlykfcurtis with a love of all things knitty (and lots of other things, shoes, films, tv, stationery anything sparkly!).  A project is set with a theme,  then we all tweet about our progress, posting pictures, encouraging and helping each other along the way.

When I was wee my Mum would cast on and I would knit rows and rows - if I went wrong she would fix it then I would continue knitting until I got bored, Mum would cast off and ta-da Teddy had a new scarf.   Back in 2010, Sister (who is an excellent knitter) taught me how to cast on and off and purl and I knitted a couple of blue squares. They were lurking in a plastic bag in the spare room.

Project One  - A patchwork blanket.
This was great for me as I could only knit squares and had already done a couple!  I have added to it and sewn it together since this picture was taken.

Project Two -  A toy.
I chose a ladybug from the Stitch London Blog and ended up knitting a little ladybug family.  For this pattern I learnt how to M1 and K2tog. 

Project Three - A hat.
My pattern came from a knitting book Hubby had bought Minibakebakegirl.  I learnt how to rib (via youtube - amazing for how to knitting videos!)  The flower also came from the book and I added a button.

Project Four - Food
My favourite project so far.  Ernie!  I got the pattern from Ravelry. I learnt how to do colour work for the MILK.  The knitting was the easy part of this project - the sewing up....not so!

Project Five - Christmas
I bought a little book 20 to Make - Mini Christmas Knits and knitted a robin.   I learnt so much knitting this little chap.  Icords for his legs and major shaping was involved! Again youtube was a huge help.  I'm looking forward to seeing him again when we get the christmas boxes down from the loft.

Project Six - Valentines
I had been poorly for a couple of weeks and having spent a lot of time with a hot water bottle on my face (I had sinusitis) I decided to knit a cover for my mini hot water bottle.  I googled a few patterns but ended up making up my own (look at me!).  I sewed a knitted heart to the front.

Project Seven - Knitrelief
Scarlett had the amazing idea to set up Knitrelief on ebay for us to auction off crafty items for Sport Relief.  I decided to knit another Ernie. 

The auction went live on the Friday and I thought that if he went for £10 that would be quite respectable.   On the Thursday night Scarlett sent out an email stating that if we could deliver our items to her house they might be on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4.  I emailed Scarlet to say we could deliver on Saturday.

By Friday night Milky was at £16!

On Saturday morning me and Minibakebakegirl set off on our exciting delivery trip.  Arriving at Scarletts at the same time as us was the lovely @goldenblades91 delivering her beautiful rain cloud.  Scarlett was so sweet and Posy her dog was a cutie.  Minbakebakegirl was very quiet the whole time - she later admitted that Scarlett was her hero and was a bit awestruck :o) 

The next morning we were going to Sisterinlaws to wish  Nephew1 and Nephew2 both happy birthday.  We watched about an hour of Sunday Brunch (no sign of Milky) and then got in the car - recording the rest.  My twitknit friends kept me updated and yes Milky made a (very) brief appearance!  

The auction was ending at 7pm that night and from about 6pm the three of us and Ernie were huddled round the laptop watching the bids go up!  We counted down the last 10 seconds and in the end he went for £56!  Well of course, he was a television celebrity!

I don't know who won him and Ernie does miss him but I have bought pink wool to knit him a girlfriend :oD



  1. You joined twit knit! I follow Scarlett on Teenage Granny and loved reading her update on it all last year. Your knitting is amzing and it is so cool that it was on TV! I've only just learned the purl (basic I know).
    I can't wait to see more updates about your knitting in the future!!!
    Marian :D x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment - I love being part of twitknit - it has really motivated me to knit! Scarletts blog is great - so many crafty ideas - so little time to make them all!

  2. Aww Ernie is so cute! Great round up of all your porjects I've been learning to knit this year too and love it. :)