Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Bake - Christmas Cake

It's not too late to make a christmas cake.  I have been watching the Home of Fabulous Cakes with Fiona Cairns, I also have her Birthday Cake book that's full of so many great ideas.  So I decided to try out one of her recipes for this years cake. You can find it here.

You have to wrap the tin in brown paper to protect the outside of the cake from burning before the middle in cooked - this is very important.

The whole house was filled with the smell of christmas while it was baking in the oven.  Every christmas I buy a bag of M&S Mandarin, Clove and Cinnamon Pot Pourri - it is christmas in a bag!  One year Hubby requested a change and we bought a christmas tree fragranced one which to me smelt of toilet cleaner so I will stick with my favourite! 

I have been feeding the cake every week and will do until the week before christmas when I will decorate it - still mulling over what I will do but still have a few weeks to decide. 

We went to the Panto yesterday, it was Robin Hood this time.  It always makes me feel christmassy and I like the cheesy jokes.  Every year the dame at our local theatre is played by the same person - he always picks on a man in the audience so I think Hubby is relieved we don't sit in the front row!!!  The villain was played by Brian Capron who was Richard Hillman in Coronation Street and Mr Hopwood in Grange Hill - he was very good and the audience did a lot of booing and hissing everytime he came on!

Next weekend we will put our tree up - we always do this after going to the christmas tree festival at the local church - this is where local charities and groups each decorate a tree and then they are all on display around the church.  Last year there was an amazing knitted tree for the Royal Wedding so I can't wait to see what there is this year. 

I have already got the radio in the kitchen tuned to Smooth Xmas so be prepared for a month of christmas songs!!! 
Todays top three christmas songs:
1. Last Christmas - Wham
2. Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney
3. Step into Christmas - Elton John

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  1. I just made our cake I line the tin with brown paper then wrap news paper around and it sits on news paper also.