Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Monday Review - Edinburgh

I was back up in Edinburgh this weekend.  FriendS who is currently living in Vietnam is over in Edinburgh for three weeks.  So the girls all got together on Saturday.  It was great to see FriendS - apart from seeing her on Skype, I haven't seen her since May 2011.  We had lunch at Hamiltons (I had the pulled pork and parsnip chips) and watched the rugby. (won't say anymore about that...)   We ended up at night in the Ghillie Due which had a really good band that played some great music.  FriendS stayed out till 3am - I didn't, however, we did start drinking at 1.30pm! 


On Friday night BestFriend and I watched The House At The End Of The Street.  We both quite enjoyed this - wasn't our usual horror - it is described as a psychological thriller.  It has Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games and Elisabeth Shue from Cocktail in it.    

Charles Jencks Land Form in the grounds of the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art
On Sunday, Sister, Niece1, Niece2 and I went for a walk along The Water of Leith to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art for coffee.   I have been before Cafe Modern One back in August 2012, this time we went to Cafe Modern Two.  Sister couldn't decide which cake to have so we shared a fruit scone and a mini loaf cake.  Both were good.  Niece1 had Millionaire Shortbread and Niece2 Brownie.  

It was very cold all weekend and there were the occasional flurries of snow, however, on Monday we woke to a couple of inches of snow.  Sister and I went into town - dodging the worst of the snowfall.  At times there was blue sky but mostly it looked like the photos below!

We had lunch at Jamie's Italian. We had Jamie's Proper Italian Feast to share.  Antipasti of cured meats, cheeses, pickles, salads & freshly baked focaccia, wild mushroom risotto, slow-cooked hunter’s chicken stew with tomato, garlic & olive sauce, pasta alla Norma and polenta chips.  It was delicious - the polenta chips were amazing.

I came home to lovely Mothers Day presents and card from Minibakebakegirl.  Perfect end to a great weekend.

See you next week.


1. Don't you want me - Human League
2. Sit Down - James
3. A Little Respect - Erasure.


  1. Sounds like you had a amazing weekend.

    1. I did thanks - paying for it now as I am very tired - it has all caught up with me!