Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday Review - London

Sister and Family arrived on Friday night, The Nieces have a long weekend from school in May and aren't back at school until Wednesday.

On Saturday we all went into London, we decided we would decide on the train to Kings Cross where we were going to go.   We picked up the 2 for 1 leaflet at the station and also had our National Trust and English Heritage membership cards - so there were several possibilities. 

Our first stop was The Monument in Pudding Lane which commemerates The Great Fire of London.  We climbed the 311 steps up the spiral staircase.  At the top the view is amazing.  Directly opposite on the other side of the Thames is The Shard which is currently the tallest building in Western Europe.  

After lunch we passed through Borough Market - the stalls looked great - so many delicious things - we bought pretzels for the girls but sadly I didnt take any pictures - it was just too busy.  I would like to go back another time - probably earlier in the day for a proper look around.

We then walked round to the The Golden Hinde II which is a reconstuction of Sir Francis Drake's famous galleon.   We are definitely much taller than the people who would have been on that ship as the adults were very stooped as we made our way round!  Luckily there were no bumped heads but there were lots of "Mind ye head" signs. 

We decided to get the bus to Spitalfields for dinner, we did this back in December as it is quieter and easier to get a table for something to eat in the centre of London.  We went to Giraffe.   This is a good place to eat with a large group of people as I find their menu has a good selection.  I had the Falafel "deluxe" burger which was delcious and then for pudding I had the Key Lime Pie which was amazing.  So light, and the lime marmalade on the side complimented it perfectly.

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Todays top three Spotify songs:

1. Good Morning Freedom - Blue Mink
2. Daylight - Maroon 5
3. Love Came Looking For Me - Thea Gilmore

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