Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday No Bake - 15s

The weather has continued to be excellent here - finally a proper spell of summer weather - Saturday was hitting over 30 degrees.  Hubby was in Durham on a "man" weekend and Minibakebakegirl was in town with a friend, so I spent my time between the house and the garden with my book.  Our house thankfully, stays nice and cool downstairs in this heat.

Last week Minibakebakegirl made 15s.  Minibakebakegirl found this recipe from one of the people she follows on Youtube.

15s get their name from the fact that there are 15 each of the main ingredients!  The recipe is really easy and you can find it here

Instead of making one long sausage shape to slice into pieces, Minibakebakegirl rolls small balls of the mixture and puts into petit four cases.  A great messy job!

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Todays top three Ipod songs:

1. Laura - Scissor Sisters
2. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
3. Choose Life - PF Project - Feat. Ewan McGregor

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