Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Review - London

Sister and Nieces are staying with us this week.   On Friday we went into London.  First stop was to Dalston House by Leandro Erlich.  This is the front of a victorian house flat on the ground with a huge mirror at an angle - it makes you look like Spiderman scaling the walls! Very, very clever.  This is free and open until 1 August; however it is is very busy - we got there for it opening - you get 5 mins on the piece in groups of about 7 (there is plenty of space for you to play around and take photos!) and we were done within an hour.   When we left the queue was huge.   

Next stop was to Camden Town.  I hadn't been here for years but it was just as I remembered it, lots and lots of lovely stalls to wander round.  After lunch we had lovely fresh fruit lollies.  Minibakebakegirl got her ears pierced last week and she bought a lovely pair of earrings, even though she has to wear her studs for several more weeks.   

From Camden we went to Trafalgar Square.  There is a large blue chicken on the fourth plinth at the moment....great introduction by Boris on this video!

We then got the Routemaster bus to Tower Bridge and went for dinner at ASK by the Thames.  After dinner Sister and I both had the coffee and mini chocolate almond cake, it was delicious.  Then, as it was such a lovely evening, we walked along by the river.  There are water fountains by City Hall and there were lots of children in swimming costumes running through them.

We also passed The Monument in Pudding Lane - this is a much sunnier picture compared to when we went in May.

Back at Kings Cross we found one of the 5 Lego maps - celebrating 150 years of the London Underground.  This one is how the tube will look in 2020.

The other maps are in South Kensington, Green Park, Stratford and Piccadilly Circus.

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Todays top three Spotify Songs:

1. Will You - Hazel O'Conner
2. Piano In The Dark - Brenda Russell
3. Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody

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