Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday No Bake - Scottish Macaroon

I've had my sinus op :o(  Hubby told me it needed to get worse before it gets better and it has certainly done that.  I have caught up on sooo much tv - glad I was watching recorded programmes as I kept dozing off and having to rewind to the point where I fell asleep!  I'm onto series 5 of The Big Bang Theory.  E4 completely missed out series 4 but luckily Hubby found it on Tivo and I had a marathon day of watching the second half of it (had watched the first half at Sisters) as it was only available till midnight.  Hopefully once I have finished series 5 it won't be long before series 6 is out here :o)

I supervised MBBG making Hubbys birthday cake on Thursday.  This is my chocolate loaf cake without the orange juice, sandwiched and covered in chocolate buttercream with an M&M topping.  Every year as part of Hubby's presents from his Mum and Dad he gets a different box filled with M&M's.  This years is really cute with little drawers - it will look lovely on my dressing table!

It looks great doesn't it - tasted good too - even though I can't taste much at the moment! 

On Sunday 26 August me and Sister went to the recording of Radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet at the BBC Edinburgh Festival Fringe. There was an audience of 200 people and before you went in you had to complete a survey and ask one foodie related question for the panel. Once we were seated the Producer spoke to everyone and explained that 9 questions had been picked for the panel and the 9 "lucky" people would sit in the front row to pose their questions during the show......Sister and I then spent the next 5 mins panicking that we would be picked!!! Luckily we weren't and were able to enjoy the show from where we were sitting - phew. Clarissa Dickson Wright was meant to be on but she had lost her voice. We really enjoyed it.  It was on Radio 4 on Tuesday 4 September 2012 - you can listen to it here. They record an hour and edit it to half an hour - it was interesting to see what they cut out.

They discussed several scottish delicacies - including chippy sauce! One of the sweet scottish delicacies they discussed (and cut out) was Scottish Macaroon - totally different to English or French macaroons - it contains a secret ingredient - potato! Warning: - this is very very sweet recipe - but yummy! 

When I am feeling better I will make the macaroons and update this post with a picture.

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