Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday Review - Paralympics and Primrose Bakery

No baking from me again this week, I am feeling a bit jittery - I have already broken my gravy jug this morning :o(  I am having my sinus operation later hopefully the right side of my face will be pressure free and will be back to feeling normal soon.  

On Thursday Minibakebakegirl and I went into London and did the Pink and Purple Wenlock and Mandeville trails and some shopping inbetween!  Minibakebakegirl took charge of the map and we had great fun spotting them.  My favourite was the Afternoon Tea one.

Late afternoon we went to the Primrose Bakery.  A lemon cupcake and cappuccino for me and chocolate cupcake and tea for Minibakebakegirl - it was delicious and we had great seats to watch the busy comings and goings of the bakery.   They have two books - which will be going on my christmas list!


Last Saturday Hubby, Minibakebakegirl and I went to the Paralympics.  We had day pass tickets and were able to see Goalball, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis - very good value for £25 for the three of us.   We were lucky enough to see GB at the Basketball - it was an excellent game - very exciting.  The Olympic Park is amazing and huge - and we had a good wander round - the wildflowers are so pretty - each of the benches had little facts on them - some about the factories that used to be on the site and some random facts!


Minibakebakegirl goes back to school tomorrow - can't quite believe how quickly the 6 weeks holidays have gone. She is going to be a Year 6 so this is her final year at Primary School - she is excited to be at the top of the school.

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Todays top three Ipod songs:

1. Good People - Jack Johnson
2. 10,000 Nights - Alphabeat
3. Driftwood - Travis

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