Monday, 30 December 2013

Monday No Bake - Top Hats

WhooooooooshThat was 2013 - where has the year gone?!

It's been a great year - the summer was a proper summer with hot sunny days and we had snow earlier in the year.  I love extremes of weather - better than the wet and windy Christmas we are having....

Now as a final treat for the year I am making Top Hats - these usually cause a huge Twitter discussion along with Chippy Sauce!  They are a Scottish kids party treat - so yummy and so easy to make.  Literally melt some chocolate - dip the bottom of a marshmallow in the chocolate and put into a petite four case, dip a Smartie or an M&M in the chocolate and stick to the top!  Do not mock these till you have tried them - I could eat the whole plate! 

Here's to a fantastic 2014 - Happy New Year to all my readers - whether you are a regular or just occasionally pop by - thank you :o)

My top ten countries based on pageviews are currently:

1.  UK
2.  US
3.  Russia
4.  Germany
5.  Australia
6.  Ireland
7.  China
8   Vietnam
9.  Canada
10. France 

What a range :o)

Hope to see you next year!


Today's top three party songs:

1. Jump Around - House Of Pain
2. Tiger Feet - Mud
3. Venus - Bananarama


  1. A very happy new year to you, love the look of your top hats.

  2. Wow going to have to make some top hats! Hop you have a very happy new year! x