Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday Inspiration - Lamingtons

We had a Tana Ramsay tea on Saturday night - from her Real Family Food book I made her Sweet and Sour Pork (but I used chicken) followed by chocolate mousse.  Both were good and I would make again.  Flicking though this book I saw a recipe for Lamingtons.  Sister had made these before and said that everyone had enjoyed them.   

Tana's recipe was made in a tray bake tin, at the time of making I thought the mixture was quite dinky - once baked it was less than a centimetre high and quite dry.  This has been frozen and is destined to be made in to cake pops!  I then made Rachel Allen's Lamington cake.  This produced a cake that was more the size I was looking for.  So this is a bit of a mixed recipe as I had already made Tana's icing.  

My only complaint is that covering the cakes in the icing is a bit messy!  I speared each one with a fork and then holding it over the icing bowl I spooned the chocolate over.  But then I found it hard to get the fork out without messing up the icing.  I also tried a skewer but then several of the squares dropped off into the icing!  If anybody knows an easy way to do this please let me know!

Having googled these I see them some people sandwich them with jam or buttercream before icing - both sound good to me.

I took these some of these round to CrochetFriendS's house for coffee this afternoon.  I had been practicing my treble crochet and me and CrochetFriendR had a lesson in how to do a granny square.  Once I got past the first round I started to see the pattern emerging and found it easier to work - I'm not ready to show you a picture quite I am off to practice some more.

See you next week.


Today's top three spotify songs:

1. I Feel Love - Donna Summer
2. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) - Sylvester
3. Le Freak - Chic

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  1. They sound great, I use the fork but I then drop them into a paper bag filled with coconut and toss.