Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday Review - Richmond

Sister and Nieces are staying with us this week; I always try to think of different places for us to visit. Two work friends suggested Richmond, we went to Kew in 2007 and Richmond is just one stop further on The Tube.

When we arrived at the station we went straight to the tourist information and a very helpful man gave us a map, highlighting the areas we should visit, including David Attenborough's house!

Our first stop was to walk along the river to Ham House a National Trust property.  We walked around the gardens and then round the house and had lunch at The Orangery.

We walked back along the river and walked up Richmond Hill for beautiful views of London.

We had a wander around the shops, including Whole Foods - I need one closer to me!  We then had coffee at Paul - Sister and I shared a yummy strawberry tart.

Having had a nice sit down we headed to the original site of Richmond Palace and back along the river.   We sat outside on the grass listening to a busker - who was very good.

There were lots of restaurants to choose from for dinner but we chose Revolution which was right next to where we had been sitting.   We had a lovely booth to sit in and dinner was really good, I had the Vodka Burger which was yummy.  For afters, Sister and I had the Mousse Shots - mini white chocolate mojito, white chocolate and strawberry and chocolate and blueberry mousse - they were amazing!  Niece1 had the Chocolate Mess Sundae and Minibakebakegirl and Niece2 had the sharing salted caramel chocolate fondue - all the deserts were excellent. 

Hope to see you next week,

Today's top three Spotify songs:

1. Push For The Stride - Ward Thomas
2. Funky Town - Lipps Inc
3. Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

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