Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thursday Makes - Innocent Smoothie Hats

The past two years I have knitted some hats for the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit.  This year I decided to use up some wool I had left over from another project.   I love the way this knits up.

I used my pom pom maker again - it's so fast and easy to use, much less hassle than two bits of cardboard.

I was cutting it a bit fine this year and posted them on Monday - the deadline is tomorrow!  Think I will start my knitting a bit earlier next year and try out some of their free patterns on their website.

The wee hats will be available on the smoothie bottles in February all for a very good cause.


1 comment:

  1. Wow - That is a LOT of hats you made! Well done. And it's such a good cause. I only made one hat this year but decided not to send it and instead carry on until next year. Hopefully by then I'll have made a good few more. I got a bit distracted this year and instead of making hats I made a teddy bear.

    There's such thing as a pom pom maker?!

    Marian ^_^