Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Bake - Lemon Yoghurt Cake

I have had this book for a while and I have only made the soda bread.  After a flick through the other day. I found this lemon yoghurt cake recipe.  It is a really easy recipe and being an American recipe it means I can use my measuring cups!  It says in her book that this cake can easily be made without a mixer.  You can find the recipe on the Barefoot Contessa website here.
I love the smell when I am zesting the lemons and the smell while this was baking was amazing!   I would definitely make this again.  I think even without the icing glaze it would be delicious.
I think I will made Ina's Tri Berry Muffins next.
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Today's top three Spotify songs:
1. When The Beat Drops - Marlon Roudette
2. My Favourite Game - The Cardigans
3. Sound of the Underground - Girls Aloud

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  1. Looks yummy! I've given up chocolate for lent so will add this to my list of treats to keep me going :)