Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Review - Edinburgh and London

We had a lovely week in Edinburgh staying with Sister and family.   We spent the beginning of the week at BestFriends house - our horror film this time was the remake of The Crazies - we chatted through it - which shows you what we thought of it....

The first Krispy Kreme in Scotland opened on the 13 February, causing major traffic chaos in Edinburgh! BestFriend and I thought that on Monday the queues for the Drive Thru wouldn't be too bad. Luckily it was a lovely day and we sat in the queue with the windows down - chatting away. We did get free warm glazed doughnuts while we waited - which Minibakebakegirl, BFDaughter and BFSon inhaled!    It was a huge novelty to use the drive thru but it made me laugh as we can get Krispy Kremes at Tesco down here and there is a KK coffee shop in Milton Keynes! 

We came home on Friday and on Saturday Hubby and I spent the night in London. For Christmas he gave me tickets to see Midnight Tango. Our hotel was gorgeous and we had a lovely pre theatre dinner.  I had the pear and chocolate tart for pudding - which was gorgeous.  

I love Strictly Come Dancing and think Vincent and Flavia are amazing.  I really enjoyed the show, Russell Grant is also in it, as the bar owner. He provided the light comedy and his banter with his bar owner wife was very good.  Vincent and Flavia's dancing is just incredible - they make it look so effortless.  I had a lovely time with Hubby - it was a perfect end to a great week.

Hope to see you next week.


Todays top three Spotify Songs:

1. When Doves Cry - Prince
2. Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder 
3. They Don't know - Tracey Ullman

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  1. Sounds like you ad a wonderful time, don't know if I would have waited for the doughnuts.