Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday Inspiration - Chocolate Banana Bread

Today was a perfect November day, cold and frosty first thing with bright sunshine and blue skies.  On the way home from town I stopped at the top of the hill for a sit down on Chris' bench.  It was a bit chilly so it was nice to head home to do a spot of baking.  A banana cake was called for, to use up my sad looking brown bananas.   

I recently bought Fay Ripley's book "What's for dinner?", after Sister recommended it.  So many yummy easy recipes.  I have already made the Pea and Bacon Soup, Italian Chicken Bake and the Rosemary Polenta Roasties. 

We had a slice of banana bread tonight with a cup of coffee.  It was yummy.

I have also been making the instant banana ice-cream that was all over the internet in the summer.  Freeze your bananas, whizz up in a food processor - eat immediately. Delicious!

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Today's top three Spotify songs:

1. Head over Heels - Tears for Fears
2. No good in goodbye - The Script
3. Prayer in the C - Lillywood 

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  1. This is one of my favourites! I have been accused of letting the bananas go brown on purpose just so I can make it :O