Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Bake - Yorkshire Puddings and No Knead Bread

This week was another busy week which included lots of baking.

On the Bakeforhappykids blog, Zoe had made popovers.  I had often wondered what popovers were and I discovered that they are the american version of Yorkshire puddings.  I love Yorkshire puddings and I think I have mastered making them.   I use Rachel Allen's Yorkshire pudding recipe from her Home Cooking book.  You can find the batter recipe here.   We usually have toad "out of the" hole for tea - I cook my sausages separately as I find if I add anything to my yorkshire puddings they don't rise as well.

My top tips for making them are:

1. The batter needs to be cold - make the batter at least 1 hour in advance and store it in the fridge.
2. The oil and tin need to be really hot - put a dash of oil in each cup of your muffin tin and place in the oven to heat up for at 10 minutes before filling with your batter. The fat should really sizzle when you add the batter.
3. While your Yorkshires are baking do not open the oven door!

All 12 were all quite uniform this time - sometimes there are some that are funny shapes!

I also made the Attic24 No Knead bread this week - this is perfect to make mid-week.  I made the dough on Wednesday night, left it overnight and then baked it on Thursday teatime.  The smell when I took the lid off the casserole dish was amazing!  We ate it with Bacon, sausage and bean stew from Rachel Allen's Food for Living book.   Its been a Rachel week!

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This weekend's American Hustle songs:

1. A Horse with No Name - America 
2. Delilah - Tom Jones
3. Live and Let Die - Wings

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